Premium grade acrylic copolymer primer CP1000 is an all acrylic latex dispersion used as primer and additive for cementitious coatings like Skraffino, Arapido, and Param SSL. It can be also…
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You must always protect your floors and surfaces from corrosion, temperature changes, water, and other chemicals that cause damage and reduce life and effectiveness. That is what Copolymer primers are made for. 

Copolymer primers are a flooring system that you can use on your floor and any other surface within your space. They contain a two-layer polyethylene coating technology that offers protection to these surfaces. 

Factors to consider when choosing Copolymer Primers

Before installing any floor topping, it is essential to consider a few factors. Proper installation is necessary but not as important as how long the floor topping will give you service. Here are a few factors to consider before copolymer primers installation. 

Purpose of the room

Before installing copolymer primers, it is essential to let the installer know what you intend to use the room for. Based on the use of the room, there could be little to no traffic and, sometimes, extreme traffic, depending on the nature of your business. 

This helps the installer use copolymer primers that will serve you for a substantial period while offering excellent resistance to things like chemicals, temperature changes, and even water. 


In most instances, you want to do floor topping installation such as copolymer primers or installing concrete overlays, micro toppings, and skim coats to ensure your floor has a more excellent durability feature. 

A floor that keeps chipping will require much maintenance, which could exceed your budget. Concrete primers greatly help to reduce the costs involved in care as they help to protect your floor from corrosion, temperature changes, and the harshness of different chemicals. 

Availability of Materials

Before concrete surface preparation, it is essential to understand that having enough material for copolymer primers is important. Limited material may lead to overuse of the copolymer primers on one section while neglecting the rest or simply not offering your floors the needed strength for durability or the ability to withstand temperature changes or resist chemicals and other harmful materials. Always have enough material before installation. 

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Copolymer Primers
Best Flooring For Copolymer Primers In Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Using incorrect copolymer primers leads to a failed reaction that affects the entire installation process. You will notice over time that resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, and corrosion does not happen.

If you need an Epoxy e-coat, you can expect to pay AED 50/ sqm. Self-levelling epoxy flooring will cost AED 135 / sqm. Always request a quotation for the type of flooring you want before installation.