Best Self-leveling concrete primers in Dubai



Primer for self-leveling concrete toppings and underlayments Premium grade vinyl acetate primer specifically designed for self-leveling concrete flooring applications.
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Concrete alone is not enough to give a leveled surface to your space. The importance of a leveled floor or surface is the ease of movement and any other activities in your space. 

When looking for a flooring system that helps with self-leveling, consider looking for self-leveling concrete primers. This will aid in creating a smoother floor/surface, and seamless activity will follow. 

What is the importance of using self-leveling concrete primers?

Self-Leveling Concrete Primers
Best Flooring For Self-Leveling Concrete Primers In Dubai

When struggling with bubble formation, which alters your concrete, it is essential to consider using self-leveling concrete primers. Here are a few advantages of using self-leveling concrete primers. 

Easy to use

Like self-leveling concrete toppings, self-leveling concrete primers are easy to use. They have a modified polymer modified cement that makes the installation process fast and easy. 

Creates a smooth surface

Bumpy concrete makes movement and activity very difficult. As if this is not enough, bumpy concrete is also very unattractive. Self-leveling concrete primers remove these bumps and bubbles and create a smooth, attractive surface that allows activity to flow without difficulty. 

Long-lasting and cost-effective

Upon installation of self-leveling concrete primers, you can be certain that you will direct your costs on other essential projects and not on repair and maintenance. The surfaces on which the self-leveling concrete primers are used remain smooth for a substantial period. 

What is the cost of self-leveling concrete primers in Dubai?

Before installing self-leveling concrete primers, you must conduct due diligence on the company and installers you want to involve. You want to be certain that they can present a portfolio of previous works and that their rates are workable. 

For self-leveling concrete primers in Dubai, you can pay as low as AED 108.41 and AED 103.25. However, the cost will vary due to a few factors, such as the condition of the concrete, the size of the space of the installation, and how much time the process will take. 

Your concrete no longer needs to be a bother. You can get experts who can install self-leveling concrete primers to allow a smoother, long-lasting surface. Duraamen is a trusted global and expert supplier of the best flooring systems in Dubai. Reach out to them today and request a quote for self-leveling concrete primers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before installing the self-leveling concrete primers, it is essential to understand your type of flooring and the kind of concrete on it. Once these are in line, you and the installer will be on the same page in performing a good installation and getting long-lasting results.

Like any other flooring application, the first step to installing self-leveling concrete primers is to prepare the surface. Afterward, mix the primer, apply it on the recommended surface, and leave it to dry for the period recommended by flooring experts.

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