Self-Levelling Concrete Flooring In Dubai
Best Flooring For Best Self-Levelling Concrete Flooring In Dubai In Dubai

Duraamen concrete flooring in Dubai provides a durable and customizable solution for any space, offering a range of flooring options for both residential and commercial properties

Tips for self-leveling concrete flooring installation

Are you wondering how to install self-leveling polished concrete floors? To ensure that the self-leveling concrete remains intact is damage-resistant, and can last long enough, it’s essential to consider some crucial tips during installation. These include:

  • Following the self-leveling concrete manufacturer’s instructions to the letter
  • Buying more concrete flooring than you need to cater for any unattended inch or fraction left
  • Ensuring all the required tools and a qualified contractor are available on the installation date
  • Avoiding mixing the self-leveling concrete under extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Avoiding adding water to the concrete while spreading it on the floor
  • Ensuring that used tools are cleaned immediately after the installation of the self-leveling concrete

Advantages of self-leveling concrete flooring

One great advantage of self-leveling concrete flooring is that it is not just designed for your flooring systems but can also be used on countertops. Here are additional benefits that make it an excellent choice for your floors:

  • You do not need to add large volumes of water during the installation
  • Offers your floors and countertop surfaces a brand-new look
  • Compatible with limestone making it easy to mix and install
  • Offers your floors and countertops longevity
  • It spreads in place during installation and keeps the surfaces level.

Everyone wants appealing surfaces and countertops that enhance the home’s look and commercial space. Self-leveling flooring concrete is not only durable but versatile and an excellent choice. For the best contractors and installers of self-leveling concrete flooring in Dubai, contact Duraamen today and request a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once installation and spreading are complete, please wait at least 6 hours to ensure that the concrete is intact and then level it out.

To ensure that the self-leveling concrete flooring lasts a long time, getting a qualified contractor with years of experience is essential. Poorly installed self-leveling concrete may last a few months or years but, eventually, show signs of cracking or damage.

Once you have spread the self-leveling concrete flooring, leave it uncovered for at least 24 hours. After this period, you can apply the floor covering.

Ensure that you follow the instructions on the bag regarding the consistency of the underlayment. When the mixture is done wrong, the self-leveling concrete flooring is bound to crack before it has served you a substantial period.

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