Does your residential or commercial space need some concrete flooring? Learn more about sprayable micro cement flooring in Dubai.

Sprayable micro cement can be used in all types of spaces. It’s decorative and helps enhance the appeal of your areas, floors, and countertops, regardless of whether they are vertically or horizontally placed. 

Sprayable micro cement stands out for its excellent aesthetic finish, making it a unique flooring type. However, it is good to know that it also stands out because of its functionality on different floor types. 

Benefits of Sprayable Microcement

Minimally raises the floor

Upon installation, sprayable micro cement will only raise your floor a little. It has a minimum thickness ranging between 2 and 3mm. 

Adheres to any material

Regardless of your floor type, the sprayable micro cement will adhere accordingly. There will be no need for initial substrate removal before installing the sprayable micro cement. 

There are a variety of colors to choose from

You will not find any two sprayable micro cement floorings looking the same. You can accomplish different finishings on different floor spaces with whatever color and design appeals to you. 

Resistance to traffic and abrasion

If your floor has so much ongoing activity and traffic, you can rest assured that the quality of the sprayable micro cement will keep your floors intact. There are no repairs needed from to time or costs incurred for floor maintenance. 

Are you looking for a flooring system that will enhance the look of your commercial space? There is a variety to choose from when you go for sprayable micro cement. Duraamen is a trusted global supplier of long-lasting, quality flooring systems in Dubai. You can reach out to them today and request a quote for sprayable micro cement. 

Best Sprayable Microcement In Dubai
Best Flooring For Best Sprayable Microcement In Dubai In Dubai

Frequently asked questions

Always use natural soap to properly maintain sprayable micro cement and give the same an excellent clean. Also, use a clean, damp cloth that cleans the surface and enhances the floor’s longevity.

After installation, the sprayable micro cement will take 28 days to harden completely. You will experience softness during the first seven days after installation.

During installation, use several layers of the sprayable micro cement, remembering to use a sealant. This way, you ensure that water does not damage the flooring system.

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