Duraamen microcement floor topping in Dubai provide a versatile and customizable solution for concrete surfaces, offering a range of design options and a durable finish for both residential and commercial properties.


Best Flooring For Kraftig Tg In Dubai, Uae

Kraftig TG

Trowel applied urethane modified concrete (UMC) topping Kraftig TG is a heavy-duty, trowel-applied urethane modified concrete topping. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas where thermal shock resistance is a…
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Best Flooring For Kraftig Sl In Dubai, Uae

Kraftig SL

self-leveling urethane modified concrete (UMC) topping Kraftig SL is a seamless self-leveling urethane modified concrete (UMC) topping. It is ideal for medium to heavy-duty traffic areas where thermal shock resistance is a…
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sprayable polished concrete microtopping (micro-cement) Arapido is a Portland cement-based sprayable polishable concrete microtopping that is a part of the Terrazzi Sprayable polished concrete system. It can be used on…
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concrete microtopping, skim coat or micro cement Skraffino is a Portland cement-based concrete microtopping or micro cement designed to create the look of a hand-applied, natural, polished concrete floor on…
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Best Flooring For Uberdek In Dubai, Uae


Exterior Concrete Resurfacing for broom or spray down finish Uberdek is a single component concrete for resurfacing existing indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. It is suitable for decorative trowel finishes…
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Param 25M

self-leveling concrete underlayment Param 25M is Portland cement-based, self-leveling concrete underlayment formulated to level and smooth interior concrete, terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tile, metal, wooden substrates, and non-water soluble adhesive…
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Param 35M

self-leveling concrete overlay Param 35M is the ultimate self-leveling cement-based overlay for fast track resurfacing, smoothing, and leveling of indoor concrete substrates. It can be applied from 1/4” to 1-1/2”…
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When you notice that your concrete is constantly chipping or cracking, it clearly indicates that you need to consider different floor toppings. The micro topping floor you use on your concrete depend on your needs and the current type of floor. Here’s more about what floor toppings are, their uses, and their advantages. 

What are Floor Toppings?

Best Floor Toppings In Dubai
Best Flooring For Best Floor Toppings In Dubai In Dubai

Floor toppings can best be defined as a layer of high-strength concrete used on existing concrete or cement. The floor topping is mainly placed on concrete showing signs of wearing out, is already old, or is just weak. Once the floor toppings are placed on this concrete, they offer density, excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and a more substantial base on the concrete. 

What are the Advantages of Floor Toppings?

Introducing floor toppings on your properties could be one of your best decisions. Also, the floor toppings you choose are highly dependent on your space and the condition of the concrete. 

You could decide to have high-quality micro cement toppings or high-quality concrete toppings. Whichever you decide on, below are a few advantages you will get. 

Safer Environment

Unattended concrete surfaces risk severe accidents, especially when they become too slippery. Concrete floor toppings are ideal for reducing slipperiness by adding a layer that makes the concrete more resistant to water. 

Long-lasting protection

The second significant advantage of floor toppings is their durability. After installation, you will no longer incur unnecessary repair or maintenance costs. Floor toppings are substantial and help to keep your surfaces in good condition for a good period. Reducing maintenance and repair costs is an excellent way to save money and use these exact costs for other essential projects. 

Improved Appearance

Your concrete floors will not look the same after installing floor toppings. Aesthetically, they are more appealing. Work with experts and knowledgeable contractors to ensure that the kind of floor toppings installed in your buildings meet your aesthetic needs. 

Your concrete doesn’t need to keep chipping, wearing out, and looking unattractive. Duraamen is a global expert supplier of quality flooring toppings to suit your needs in Dubai. Reach out to them today and request a quote for your desired floor toppings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Experts recommend that you let concrete settle for 28 days. After this period, you can introduce the intended floor topping on your concrete

Floor toppings are very effective on already damaged concrete. They are intended to reduce how often the concrete wears out. Additionally, floor toppings give an aesthetic appearance to your concrete.