When you leave a floor without a proper sealant, there’s a likelihood that moisture, chemicals, and other materials will cause damage to the entire flooring system.

The system will therefore require constant repairs, which can be draining incredibly in terms of cost and labour. UMC Primers are essential for a successful flooring system installation. They ensure high resistance to chemicals mainly used on the surface of many floors, enhancing durability.

Kraftig Sc

Kraftig SC

urethane modified concrete (UMC) primer / sealer Kraftig SC is a urethane concrete primer and sealer designed for use with Kraftig TG (trowel grade) or Kraftig SL (self-leveling) urethane modified…
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Advantages of UMC Primers

When we hear about primers, we relate them to sealing surfaces. Here are a few benefits of using UMC Primers:

Improved adhesion to the substrate

Your floors and surfaces remain intact and firmly attached to the Primers, making them last longer while reducing the chances of wearing out.

Facilitation of easy cleaning

When you can quickly clean your floors and surfaces, you save time and reduce hazards like slipping and falling. UMC Primers offer more accessible floor and surface cleaning.

Improved chemical resistance

When some chemicals come into contact with floors and different surfaces, they cause a reaction that wears these surfaces out and sometimes discolours them. UMC Primers make the floors and surfaces highly chemical resistant.

Cost-effective solution

Floors that keep chipping and discolouring are expensive in terms of repair and maintenance. The same applies to different surfaces. UMC Primers make foundations stronger, more appealing, and definitely, durable.

Where to Apply UMC Primers

While not all surfaces and flooring systems are compatible with UMC Primers, here are specific places you can apply the Primers on:

How to Choose a UMC Primers Contractor

Many people will come out as certified UMC Primers contractors. However, more than word of mouth is needed to assign them the application tasks. Here are a few factors to look at:

  • Years of experience
  • What customers have to say in the review section
  • Available portfolio of works completed

Everyone wants a flooring system that will not only improve the feel and look of the place but one that’s easy to clean, durable, and can withstand harsh chemicals. You can contact Duraamen for the best UMC Primers application contractors and request a quote for the UMC Primers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A qualified contractor will ensure that the UMC Primer is short and short enough during application. A long or short UMC Primer causes a slower hybridising rate and ineffectiveness after application.

Wait at least 6 hours but do not exceed 48 hours, after applying the UMC Primers on floors and surfaces.

For proper adhesion and durability, it is recommended that contractors use at least 2 to 3 coats of the UMC Primer.

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