Do you have a heavy traffic area unit coming up and are still determining which floor best suits the project? 

Best Flooring For Kraftig Tg In Dubai, Uae

Kraftig TG

Trowel applied urethane modified concrete (UMC) topping Kraftig TG is a heavy-duty, trowel-applied urethane modified concrete topping. It is ideal for heavy traffic areas where thermal shock resistance is a…
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Best Flooring For Kraftig Sl In Dubai, Uae

Kraftig SL

self-leveling urethane modified concrete (UMC) topping Kraftig SL is a seamless self-leveling urethane modified concrete (UMC) topping. It is ideal for medium to heavy-duty traffic areas where thermal shock resistance is a…
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Kraftig Sc

Kraftig SC

urethane modified concrete (UMC) primer / sealer Kraftig SC is a urethane concrete primer and sealer designed for use with Kraftig TG (trowel grade) or Kraftig SL (self-leveling) urethane modified…
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Urethane concrete flooring from Duraamen is what you need. Urethane mortar is also known as Polyurethane Concrete Flooring, Cementitious Urethane Concrete, and Urethane Concrete Coating. Duraamen urethane mortars are reputable for thermal shock, abrasions, chemicals, and impact resistance.

The tough flooring is recommended for breweries, bakeries, commercial kitchens and food processing plants. Urethane concrete mortar has three categories, Kraftig-CV, Kraftig-SC, and Kraftig-TG. The flooring can be installed as a self-leveling floor or as a coating.

Want to know about urethane floor coating?

Characteristics of Urethane Concrete Floorings Categories

Kraftig urethane mortar is high-performance that outperforms standard thermal shock and chemical-resistant floorings and is priced fairly. Below are the characteristics of polyurethane floors;

Kraftig-CV flooring

Kraftig-CV heavy-duty and trowel-applied flooring is specifically designed for vertical applications. The flooring is ideal for heavy-traffic areas due to the following features;

  • Resistant to high moisture levels and is a breathable flooring system
  • Thermal and shock resistant
  • Unconducive to bacteria and fungus
  • It has excellent adhesion to assorted substrates like plywood, concrete, tiles, and brick pavers
  • Easy to install from downtime to a complete flooring in less time
  • It has minimal odor, hence suitable for occupied spaces

Kraftig-SC flooring

The flooring is a sealer and primer designed for application with Kraftig-SL and Kraftig-TG. Kraftig-SC flooring also refurbishes worn-out urethane-coated floors. The flooring is a blend of Portland cement aggregates made of polyurethane resin and resin hardener.

Kraftig-SC has the excellent features below;

  • Is zero VOC
  • It has excellent wear and chemical resistance
  • Meets USCG LEED low VOC criteria, and USDA specifications
  • Can withstand 15lb/1000ft2/24hr and 95% RH moisture vapor level
  • Unconducive to bacteria and fungus growth  
  • It has low odor, hence conducive for occupied spaces
  • It is a primer, hence reducing concrete outgassing pinholes in UMC TG (Kraftig-SL) floorings

Kraftig-TG flooring 

The heavy-duty, trowel-applied urethane-modified concrete (UMC) topping is put on with a trowel and is made for high-traffic areas that need to be resistant to thermal shock. 

The flooring texture has a strong grip to reduce slippage on wet surfaces. Kraftig-TG also suits seamless wall-to-floor system installation.  It is a polyurethane concrete binder, hence a blend of graded aggregates and Portland cement for superior features. 

Kraftig-TG urethane’s superior characteristics include the following;

  • Intolerant to bacteria and fungus growth
  • It has minimal odor, hence suitable for occupying spaces
  • Excellent adhesion with substrates such as plywood, brick pavers, quarry tiles and concrete
  • Designed for easy installation and fast turn-around
  • Excellent shock and thermal resistance
  • It can withstand high moisture vapor transmission levels as it is a breathable flooring system 

For your heavy-duty units and high-traffic floors, consider urethane mortars. The floorings can withstand moisture and have excellent resistance to thermal shock. The flooring can be customized to your preferred color and texture. 
To purchase our Duraamen urethane mortars Kraftig-CV, Kraftig-TG and Kraftig-SL, please contact us at our local or international offices. Visit our floor gallery for clients’ reviews for an assurance to place your order at our Duramment shop for superior quality floorings.

Installing Urethane Slurry Mortar System

Urethane Cement

Urethane Concrete Floors

Frequently Asked Questions

Urethane mortar may be applied to the areas below;

  • Commercial, cook or chill spaces
  • Plant vehicles’ loading and unloading zones 
  • The pharmaceutical industry and chemical processing spaces
  • Production, bottling and processing areas
  • Bakeries, breweries and heavy industries 
  • Wash and sanitation areas

Urethane Mortar flooring can be customized in terms of texture and color to suit your preference.

Urethane mortars suit heavy-duty and high-traffic floors since they have excellent resistance to thermal shock environments and can withstand moisture.

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