Duraamen concrete flooring and urethane floor coatings are premium options for both residential and commercial spaces in Dubai. With its smooth, reflective surface and durability, it adds a sleek and modern touch to any room

Installing Urethane Concrete Flooring

Urethane concrete flooring is known for its thermal resistance, shock absorbance, and durability. It is the perfect product for kitchens, breweries, hot or cold-water applications, high-traffic places, and industrial floors.

Follow these steps to install urethane concrete flooring on your floor. 

1. Prepare the Top Sealer

A top sealer prepares the perfect surface for urethane installation.  It removes the possibility of any pinholes. Also, it rejuvenates worn-out surfaces. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use Duraamen’s  Krafting SC primer on your concrete to achieve a uniform finish.

The sealer comes in 3 parts. For mixing the sealer:

  •  Pour parts I&II into a bucket and mix both parts for one minute.
  • Now add the third part to the bucket.
  • Further, mix them for 1 minute. Your top sealer is ready.

2.    Apply it on the concrete floor!

To achieve desired results, make a uniform layer of the sealer across the floor. Sealer should be spread quickly so that it doesn’t lose any strength.

  • Pour the mixture on the floor.
  •  Use any standard trowelling tool to extend it far and wide.
  • Apply a pre-wet roller on the surface. Roll it back and forth to make a homogenous layer of the top seal.
  • Give the surface 24 hours for complete drying.

3.    Make the Urethane Topping

After preparing the surface, it is time to install the urethane flooring.  However, before installation, the first step is to find the right product. Duraamen’s Krafting TG is a heavy-duty, trowel-applied concrete flooring with proven results.

Krafting TG comes up in 3 parts and a customized pigment. Follow Duraamen’s instructions to prepare the right urethane layering.

  • Dump part I & Part II in the bucket. Mix them for 30-40 seconds.
  • Add pigment into the mixture and then mix it for another 30-40 seconds.
  •  Pour part III, which is cement, into the mixture.
  • Mix it for a minute. Your urethane layering is ready.

4.    Put Urethane Mixture on the Floor

It is the most critical part. The urethane mixture should be applied according to the standard method. Any hiccup can result in a loss of surface finish and durability.

The standard method is:

  •  Use solvent to remove any dust or contamination from the surface.
  • Pour the urethane mixture on the surface.
  • Apply a troweling tool to spread it to the desired area.
  •  Use wet rollers in a back-and-forth motion to make a uniform layer.
  • Give the cement 24 hours for drying.

5.    Apply the Topcoat

The topcoat protects the urethane against all types of external hazards. It gives the layer longer life with maximum efficiency. Due to this, it is mandatory to use a premium topcoat such as Perdure P72 after the urethane layering.  For that:

  •  Pour Part A and Part B into the bucket.
  • Mix them into a 1:1 ratio for 2-3 minutes.
  •  Use a roller to apply it onto the surface.
  •  After 6 hours, your floor will be ready for light traffic.

This is the standard method for installing a urethane layer on a concrete floor. However, each surface is different due to its composition, operation, and condition. It is advisable to contact Duraamen for installing heavy-duty urethane on your concrete floor.