Polished Concrete Floors In Dubai

Do you have plans to construct a building in Dubai? For the best polished concrete floors, consider Duraamen. Please read below to learn about our polished concrete floors.  

Polished Concrete floorings are made of concrete slabs, either precast in plants or poured on-site. To reinforce a polished concrete floor, we use rebar, also known as a mesh of steel wire or reinforcement steel. It is usually strong and long-lasting when installed properly. 

Polished Concrete floors are a good alternative to carpet, tile, linoleum, stone, marble, or wood. It is designable in a variety of textures or colors. It’s possible to polish your floor to a shiny, smooth finish that is easy to maintain and clean. The durable floor can last the entire lifespan of a construction.

Polished concrete floors have numerous applications in the commercial and residential domains. These floors are affordable, easy to maintain, and offer excellent longevity. In this article, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about polished concrete floors. 

What is polished concrete flooring?

Concrete polishing is a process that involves multiple steps to polish a new floor or restore the shine of old and worn-out concrete surfaces. In this process, heavy-duty grinding machines are used to grind a concrete floor surface until it reaches the desired degree of smoothness and shine. 

Polished concrete floors in Dubai are ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic. These floors are made to withstand frequent movement and offer enough flexibility which makes them less prone to accidental damage. 

Polished concrete flooring is a type of flooring that is created by grinding and polishing the surface of a concrete slab. This process removes the top layer of cement paste and exposes the aggregate, small stones within the concrete, giving the floor a smooth, reflective finish.

What Is Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is often used in commercial and industrial facilities. Although, it is becoming increasingly popular in residential properties as well. Polished concrete floorings are known for their

  1. durability
  2. low maintenance
  3. eco-friendly properties.

Applications of Concrete Floor Polishing In Dubai

Some of the most common applications of polished concrete in commercial and residential spaces include:

  • Warehouse floors
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Residential units
  • Retail outlets
  • Office spaces
  • Manufacturing units
  • Pharmaceutical facilities

Why Choose Duraamen Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished Concrete floors have many advantages that are not available in other alternative floorings. The benefits of concrete floors include the following;

The flooring is cost-effective

Concrete flooring is cheaper to install and maintain when compared to alternative floors. It’s also easy to customize, polish, and apply finishes to the concrete slabs. The floor is a cheaper alternative to expensive floors such as granite, wood, or tile, which are costly to install and maintain.

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain

The floor is easy to clean and maintain. Concrete requires only a mop and bucket to clean. For thorough cleaning, you can use soapy water. For simple cleaning, you can use a microfiber pad to collect dirt particles and restore the floor’s shine. Since the floor is not porous like most other floorings, it does not harbour dirt, dust, or allergens.

Polished Concrete floors are available in many designs

Though the mention of a concrete floor does not bring to mind a beautiful and elegant floor, that is not factual. It’s possible to design your concrete floor to have an elegant and eye-catching finish. You can texturize the concrete slabs to give them a wood, granite, or marble-like finish.

Polished concrete is beautiful. It can be stained, dyed and coloured in other ways to create a totally unique appearance. Additionally, the aggregate (stones) in the concrete can be exposed and the flooring polished to provide a unique nature-like high-gloss appearance.

Why Choose Duraamen Polished Concrete Floors

Advantages of Concrete Polishing


Polished concrete floors are a cost-effective alternative to tile, wood, and carpet flooring options. But the best part is, you can polish an old concrete surface to make it look as good as new. 

You can either install a new concrete floor and have it polished, or you can restore an older concrete surface. This way, you won’t have to spend money on redoing the entire floor from scratch. 


The durability of polished concrete floors is off the charts. Polished concrete features a certain level of flexibility that makes it ideal for areas with a lot of hustle. With proper maintenance, a polished concrete floor can last for up to 20 years. 

Although there are certain factors that may contribute to a smaller lifespan for polished concrete floors. These factors include environmental conditions as well as floor usage such as in industrial spaces. 

Easy Maintenance

The best thing about polished concrete floors is the ease of cleaning and maintenance that comes with their installation. You can easily clean the dust, dirt, and stain off these floors with the help of a wet mop. 

If the stains are hard to take out, you can try using a neutral-pH cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Don’t use any harsh cleaning agent as it can discolor the surface, and make it lose its freshness and shine. 

Multiple Colors & Designs Options

Concrete floors offer you a lot of design options and variations that you can opt for when choosing a floor. All the design and color options can undergo the polishing process. The versatile nature of polished concrete floors makes them ideal for home and office usage. 

You can use decorative stains and dyes on a concrete floor to create an aesthetically pleasing outlook for your space. Also, you can opt for a durable finish if you are planning in installing a floor for industrial units. 

Highly Light Reflective

Polished concrete floors offer excellent light reflectivity, making them an ideal choice for business spaces that want to create a bright image for their facilities. The reflective service brings out the details in the interior design that people love. 

Along with looking professional, polished concrete floors also reduce energy usage because of high reflectivity. Polished concrete floors reduce the need for artificial lights, helping you save energy resources. 


Polished concrete floors don’t require the use of any hazardous coatings, or cleaners to maintain their outlook. You can clean these floors with water for their maintenance. 

The eco-friendly nature of polished concrete floors is one of the reasons why these floors are great for large-scale commercial and residential units. 

Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips

Use a Microfiber Pad to Remove the Dust

Polished concrete floors can be easily cleaned with the help of a simple, non-abrasive microfiber pad. You can use the microfiber pad to get rid of the dirt and dust from the polished concrete surface. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean off the surface.

Use Water to Clean the Floor

For cleaning sticky stains off the polished concrete floor, you can use a wet mop. You can soak the mop in water and use that to remove the stain. Make sure to not use any kind of harsh cleaner compound as it can cause discoloration. 

Clean Spills Immediately to Prevent Lasting Damage

One of the major reasons why polished concrete floors lose their aesthetics is poor maintenance. It includes not cleaning spills and stains immediately. 

If these spills stay on the surface for a long, they can end up interacting with the floor polishing and could cause it to come off much sooner. Plus, spills that stay on the surface get harder to clean with time.

So, make sure to clean the surface off immediately in case it gets dirt, dust, or spills, to maintain its aesthetic appeal for a long period of time.


Polished concrete floors have a wide range of applications in the commercial and residential domains, thanks to the incredible benefits that they have to offer. Since these floors are durable and easier to maintain, they are a much better option than the more expensive flooring options out there. Get in touch with us for professional concrete polishing services in Dubai, UAE.

If you have a construction in UAE, please consider Duraamen concrete flooring in Dubai for the floors. Concrete floors have many benefits and are easy to install and maintain. Visit our floor gallery to see the various designs on offer. We can custom-make your flooring according to your preferred colour, texture, and finish.

Reach out to us at our local or international offices to get a quote for your preferred concrete floor. You can also visit our website to read clients’ reviews. We trust you will place your order at our Duraamen shop for concrete floorings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete floors are cheaper to install in a new or renovated construction. Tile floors are expensive as they are made of costly materials and are pricey to install.

Concrete cracks are common and inevitably expected. At times, the cracks arise from poor maintenance or installation.

Concrete floors can be cold. However, they are not as cold as natural stone or ceramic tile floors.

Polished concrete floors don’t require a lot of maintenance when it comes to cleaning them. You can easily clean them using a microfiber or a map, making these floors extremely low maintenance.

You can polish an existing concrete floor to restore its beauty and freshness. This is one of the reasons why concrete floors are preferred over other flooring options such as tiles and wood.

Contrary to the popular belief, polished concrete is not highly slippery when wet.

With proper maintenance, polished concrete floors can last for up to 20 years.

You should not put compounds including pine-sol, ammonia, bleach, or vinegar on polished concrete floors as they cause discoloration