Amusement Parks

Amusement parks require concrete floor options and coatings that are super low maintenance, withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, and are safe. From pool decks, and rollercoaster waiting areas, to restrooms and cafeterias, duraamen has got you covered with the right floor for any application.

Browse our recommendations to find the flooring system that best suits your needs of your park or zoo.

Auto Dealerships

The automotive dealership and car sales industry often require heavy-duty flooring options as their floors are subject to tire tracks, the weight of large equipment and vehicles, oils, chemicals, as well as many other harsh elements and contaminants. simultaneously, retail showrooms and staff areas require a more decorative solution. Fortunately, duraamen has floor coating products that meet both needs.

To keep showrooms, garages, and service areas attractive and clean, the answer is to install a durable resinous flooring system. Duraamen offers a selection of methyl methacrylate and epoxy flooring options, each delivering its own strengths and advantages when it comes to durability, resistance, and design appeal.

For auto dealer retail, and staff areas, cementitious and designer epoxy flooring options may be more appropriate. From polished concrete to designer metallic coatings duraamen has a large variety of durable design options and colors to choose from.

Browse our recommendations and products to find the flooring system that will best suit your needs, providing you with a low-maintenance, long-lasting surface that can endure the demands of the auto dealership industry.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities must constantly safeguard against potential hazards such as employees slipping and falling, equipment or machinery striking and damaging the floor, or the spread of bacteria or other contaminants. The best defense against many of these problems is to have a high-performance industrial flooring system installed.

Duraamen resin floor products can be poured seamlessly over the floor of the processing facility, eliminating joints where bacteria, moisture, and mold could possibly hide. The flooring system can also be designed to be resistant to slippage, chemical cleaners, as well as drastic changes in temperature. These industrial floor solutions allow manufacturing businesses to focus more time and energy to important tasks at hand.

Grocery Stores

Determining the right flooring system for a grocery or big box store can be a daunting decision. The floor needs to be attractive, easy to maintain, and durable enough to handle displays, equipment, and substantial amounts of foot traffic every day. Resinous flooring systems make it possible for these businesses to cost-efficiently meet all of these goals.

Our decorative concrete and coating flooring products can be used to create a seamless and flawless floor that will perform for many years with minimal amounts of maintenance. Thanks to protective and resilient topcoat products, your floors can remain clean and sparkling without the need for stripping or waxing.

Regardless of the unique needs you may have for your retail areas, break rooms, restrooms, delis, or bakeries within your stores, we have the moisture-resistant, sanitary, and strong flooring systems you need in order to keep your employees and customers safe and happy.

Hospitality Entertainment

In the hospitality and entertainment industries, it is necessary to find a flooring system that perfectly combines form with function, and that is what you will find at Duraamen. Resin flooring options make it possible for clients to design floor that incorporates nearly any color or pattern imaginable.

Whether you are interesting in creating a serene and relaxing hotel lobby with a seamless floor that looks like marble, or if you want to create an eye-catching custom epoxy floor infused with designer metallic colors, we have the options that you need.

The custom resinous floor system that you develop will be highly durable and easy to maintain, allowing you to attract and entertain guests in your hotel, resort, casino, theme park, or any other tourist destination, for many seasons to come.


The last thing a busy pharmacist needs is to be tripped and slowed by a damaged floor and these hectic and vital facilities cannot handle the disturbance that would be caused if repairs needed to be made or if the floors needs to be waxed. A resinous flooring system, equipped with a high-performance, the slip-resistant topcoat can provide the solution necessary to keep pharmacists on their feet and helping patients.

Institutions & Schools

Government agencies and other institutions, such as schools and libraries, face unique challenges when finding appropriate flooring materials. These facilities need to maintain a professional and sophisticated appearance without spending large amounts of money on expensive floors.

Duraamen resinous flooring systems provide a cost-efficient way for these institutions to install elegant and high-performing floors without going over their fixed budgets. These floors can be stained, dyed, and applied to replicate the look and texture of nearly any flooring option.

Seamless and durable industrial flooring systems provide many significant advantages to governments and institutions. As the floors are solid and resistant to damage, dirt, and discoloration, they can be easily maintained for many years without creating massive cleaning costs.


High-performance decorative concrete overlays, epoxy coatings, and polished concrete flooring systems offer innovative and creative floor design alternatives that are increasingly popular with homeowners who want durable, long-lasting, and modern flooring.

Duraamen provides homeowners with resinous and cementitious floor materials that quickly and affordably be applied in living rooms, kitchens, basements, garages, and outdoor living areas. Our customers are often amazed by how affordable and easy it is to install a seamless floor in nearly any area of their property.

One of the most significant and overlooked benefits of using decorative concrete or resinous floors for residential applications is the numerous design opportunities. Homeowners can have a decorative concrete floor creatively designed with vibrant colors or made to simulate a luxurious flooring material such as granite or marble. More modern approaches incorporate a uniform, smooth, seamless surface that can have a matte or gloss sheen.


High-quality flooring systems cannot be underestimated in the food service industry. The type of floor chosen for your dining areas, kitchens, and storage areas will have a major impact on the cleanliness, safety, and appearance of your establishment.

Choosing to install a decorative concrete or resinous flooring system yields many benefits.

  • Our floors can be installed seamlessly, reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. Seamless floors are bacteria and fungi-resistant and provide a modern look to any interior space.
  • The choice of colors and sheens make for endless design options. From polished concrete to deep-shine high gloss metallic epoxy and stained concrete, you can choose a design and colors that bring interior spaces to life and enhance the decor.
  • Ultra-tough UMC and MMA resinous flooring are available for your commercial kitchen and walk-in freezers. Anti-slip coatings can provide a safe surface for your busy employees.
  • Protective topcoats make maintenance a breeze. With regular sweeping and mopping, you can easily keep your dining and preparation areas clean and tidy.

All of our decorative concrete and resinous flooring systems can be custom designed to incorporate the colors, patterns, textures, logos, and designs that will perfectly complement your restaurant.

Stadiums & Arenas

Auditorium and stadium floors take a lot of abuse every time a new crowd filters in and out of the aisles, leaving messes, and scuffing the surface. Decorative and polished concrete flooring systems make it possible to create an attractive, high-performance floor that can easily be cleaned without the need to wax or refinish.