Arapido Sprayable Microcement

Innovative, Modernistic Flooring

The innovation of microcement.

Architects and designers often turn to polished concrete to achieve a modernistic appearance in a home, office, or business. Polished concrete is in use in some of the most trendy and aesthetically pleasing building projects around the globe.

To help with the high demand for concrete finishes, Duraamen has developed Terrazzi, a sprayable microcement system, a truly innovative technology. Terrazzi virtually eliminates poor results and reduces the cost and installation time of microcement floor projects.

Spraying a polishable microcement results in an ultra-smooth, super-fine surface that is free of trowel marks.

Terrazzi is ideal for architectural concrete projects in residences and businesses when cost, durability, and a modern appearance are sought-after.

Polished concrete floor in the gallery by Duraamen


  • Lofts & High-Rise Apartments
  • Residential Homes and Condos
  • Offices & Meeting rooms
  • Retails Stores & Shops
  • Restaurants, Bars & Night clubs
  • Museums / Art Galleries
  • Lobbies & Hallways
  • Libraries & Government buildings
  • Warehouses & Garages


The Terrazzi System installs by spraying a specifically designed microcement with a specially designed sprayer. The wet surface is broadcast with a proprietary blend of recycled glass and crushed marble aggregates that provide a polishable surface and increase the floor’s strength.