Perdure P72 Polyaspartic Coating

Polyaspartic Coating (Polyurea Topcoat)

Perdure P72 Polyaspartic Coating is a new generation fast-curing, two-component, polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea formulated to be used as a sealer or topcoat for interior or exterior use over properly prepared concrete or resinous flooring systems. It has excellent penetration and bond strength to properly prepared surfaces, UV resistance, and abrasion, impact, and wear resistance.

Polished concrete floor in the gallery by Duraamen


  • Self-priming, excellent penetrating to achieve excellent bond strength
  • Superior abrasion, impact and wear resistance
  • Excellent hot tire pickup resistance
  • UV resistance does not turn ‘yellow’ or ‘amber’
  • Reduces floor care, cleaning, and maintenance costs
  • Low temperature cure


Mix Parts A and B in equal parts (1:1) using a clean, dry container. Stir gently using a mechanical stirrer, avoiding over mixing or creating vortex that could introduce moisture. Do not mix below the dew point, which will shorten the pot life. No induction time is required prior to use. After mixing the Parts A & B, Perdure P72 Polyaspartic Coating has a working time of 15 minutes at a temperature of 70°F and 50% RH. At higher temperatures and humidity the working time can be shorter. An industrial grade, phenolic resin core with a synthetic nap (1/4” or 3/8” nap, 18” width) roller is recommended for application.