Modern Flooring with Style

Modernize your interior spaces with the contemporary look of a natural polished concrete microtopping.

It’s easy to give nearly any interior surface a complete face-lift with Duraamen’s Skraffino decorative concrete microtopping. Skraffino has the look of a natural hand-applied polished concrete surface and can be applied over various substrates like concrete, gypsum, or any hard-wearing surface.

If a natural concrete finish isn’t appealing, you may choose from an abundance of subdued or vibrant hues. Homeowners and interior designers will love the more than sixty available color options and gloss, satin, or matte finishes. Additionally, your installer can create an infinite range of custom hues through color mixing.

Skraffino is white in color and available in two different grades.

  • Skraffino Regular microtopping
  • Skraffino Fine microtopping
Polished concrete floor in the gallery by Duraamen


  • Microtoppings are a cost-effective solution for resurfacing concrete and other substrates
  • Most user-friendly micro-topping (overlay/skim coat) on the market
  • Can be integrally colored with Colorfast
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes, or water-based stains
  • Applied over interior, exterior, horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Various ways of applying it – Magic trowel, finishing trowel, hopper spray gun, etc.
  • Excellent performance under freeze-thaw conditions
  • Can be applied over asphalt surfaces


Skraffino Microtopping can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces, making it perfect for stylish staircases, walls, and floors. Create the contemporary interior design featured in art galleries, luxury building lobbies, and high-end retail stores. Skraffino turns bland and dated office spaces, homes, condominiums, and lofts into works of modern art.


Skraffino is a great value! For significantly less cost than many traditional floor coverings, convert aged, worn, and damaged concrete surfaces into contemporary, one-of-kind, polished concrete floors. Skraffino Microtopping is incredibly low-maintenance and often lasts for the life of the property.

Popular Colors