Param 25M SL Concrete Underlayment

Modern Concrete Underlayment

When you think of modern design, you may think of concrete. Turning old concrete, tile flooring or other substrates into modern aesthetically pleasing designer concrete starts with applying a modern concrete underlayment that provides a smooth surface fo microcements, overlays and the like to be installed on top of.

Param 25M Self-leveling Concrete Underlayment is a Portland cement-based, self-leveling concrete underlayment formulated to level and smooth interior concrete, terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tile, metal, wooden substrates, and non-water soluble adhesive residue on concrete prior to the installation of the finished flooring. It can be installed on, above, or below grade. Param 25M provides a durable, flat, smooth floor surface with minimum labor and installation time.

Param 25M can accept ceramic tile and natural stone within 3-4 hours after application. Finished floor coverings such as concrete microcements, overlays, resinous flooring, carpet, VCT, sheet vinyl, rubber, and engineered wood plank can be installed after 24 hours.

Polished concrete floor in the gallery by Duraamen


  • No troweling required; it is self-leveling
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Contains no protein additives; no gypsum
  • Maintains workability (healing properties) for 25 minutes (depending upon ambient conditions)
  • Does not promote the growth of mold or mildew
  • Very fluid, ideal for pouring and pumping
  • Non-shrink; does not cause dusting
  • Compatible with most flooring adhesives
  • High early strength, walkable in just 3-4 hours
  • No dangerous emissions or irritating fumes


  • Paramol primer must be applied over entire substrate that is at least at 50°F
  • For porous substrates, two coats of primer may be necessary. The dilution rate 1:1 with clean potable water.
  • The primer must be applied evenly with a fine nylon hair push broom. DO NOT use paint rollers, mops, or spray equipment except over wood and metal.
  • Apply a thin primer layer leaving no bare spots, puddles or excess primer. Allow to dry to a clear, thin film.
  • Param 25M must be applied within 48 hours of priming to insure that a good bond. It is very important that the primed substrate is not contaminated in any way prior to the installation.
  • See the technical data sheet or contact duraamen for in-depth installation instructions.

*In residential areas with light-traffic, Param 25M can be used as a finished floor.