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Duraamen is a trusted global supplier of high-performance flooring systems that utilize sustainable polymer technology.

Duraamen has been providing resinous floor coatings, designer concrete overlays, and the tools and accessories required for their installation since 2008. Our flooring experts have worked on jobs as small as residential lofts and local restaurants to projects as large as the Empire State Building and significant retail department stores, including Bloomingdale’s and Tiffany’s NYC.

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Duraamen is a trusted global supplier of high-performance flooring systems that utilize sustainable polymer technology. We provide concrete floor solutions to meet the needs of industrial, commercial and residential.

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Primer flooring

What is a floor primer? What are the types of floor primers? Should you sand primers? How many coats of primer do you need? Keep reading to learn more.

Before considering any paint or coating to lay on your floor, you first have to consider preparation. The floor overlays need to bond to the substrates and prevent paint from seeping into these layers. The primer performs this role well by making the paint and coatings durable, ensuring they don’t chip away with time. 

Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae
Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

Epoxy Coating

What are epoxy coatings? Where should I use epoxy coatings? What surface will epoxy not stick to? How long do epoxy coatings last? Read on to learn more. 

Often, the most utilized part of your space is the floor. It supports equipment and sees high-traffic movement daily. Therefore, the floor is the part most prone to damage. It makes sense to take measures to protect and shield it from damage. One such effort is to use epoxy coatings.  

Lumiere –Metallic Epoxy Coating     Epoxy Chip Floor Coating   

Urethane Mortars Coatings

Do you have a heavy traffic area unit coming up and are still determining which floor best suits the project? 

Urethane concrete flooring from Duraamen is what you need. Urethane mortar is also known as Polyurethane Concrete Flooring, Cementitious Urethane Concrete, and Urethane Concrete Coating. Duraamen urethane mortars are reputable for thermal shock, abrasions, chemicals, and impact resistance.

Kraftig TG    Kraftig SL    Kraftig SC

Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae
Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

Epoxy flooring

Do you need a suitable floor for your industrial or commercial building? We recommend epoxy floors by Epoxy Flooring in Dubai. The article below explains the benefits of our epoxy coatings.

An epoxy floor comprises two components: hardener and resin. Two ingredients, when mixed, ignite a chemical reaction to form epoxy, a suitable plastic material. Epoxy is strong, bonds easily with most surfaces, and is waterproof. The coat is usually applied to concrete floors. 

Concrete Flooring

Do you have plans to construct a building in Dubai? For the best concrete floors, consider Duraamen floorings. Please read below to learn about our concrete floors.  

Concrete floorings are made of concrete slabs, either precast in plants or poured on-site. 

To reinforce a concrete floor, we use rebar, also known as a mesh of steel wire or reinforcement steel. A concrete floor is usually strong and long-lasting when installed properly. 

Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae
Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae


Microtopping is a fine, polymer-modified, cement-based floor coating that is applied on both indoor and outdoor floors. Keep on reading to learn more.  

Concrete floors tend to wear out with time. Even the smallest of cracks can lead to a faster deterioration of the concrete floor. One of the ways to protect new floor surfaces and even older ones is through the use of microtoppings.

Microcements Toppings

Microcement, also known as micro-topping, is a polymer-based coating made by combining cement, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments. This coating is thinly applied on surfaces including floors and walls to create a concrete-like look and feel for the surface.

Microcement floor topping is primarily used for creating decorative finishes. It offers you a wide range of different options in terms of colors and textures that you can go for. Interior designers all around the globe use microcement to create concrete aesthetics for different surfaces, with the specific benefits that microcement has to offer.

Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to sand the floor after applying primer. The purpose of sanding is to provide a better surface for paint coats to stick to. Primers provide excellent adhesion to paint and floor coatings. Therefore, there is no need for sanding.

Concrete floors are cheaper to install in a new or renovated construction. Tile floors are expensive as they are made of costly materials and are pricey to install.

If the floor has heavy traffic, it can last for two to three years. A moderately used and well-maintained floor can last about 10 to 20 years.

Urethane mortars suit heavy-duty and high-traffic floors since they have excellent resistance to thermal shock environments and can withstand moisture.

Epoxy coatings typically last between two and four years, depending on the traffic moving around the floor. They do not require maintenance; therefore, your mind should be at ease during this duration.

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Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

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Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

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Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

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Best Flooring For Home In Dubai, Uae

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