Epoxy Flooring on Tiles

Would your tiles look better with a different flooring coating on them? Heard about epoxy flooring? Learn more about how ideal they are on your tiles. 

When property owners think about epoxy floor coatings, a lot comes to mind. Everyone is in the business of making their floors look ideal and unique. 

The confusion comes with so many floor coatings available in the market and little information on the ideal ones to use on your tiles. Is not having epoxy flooring on your tiles perfect? Read on to learn about essential factors to keep in mind and a few benefits of having epoxy flooring on your different tiles. 

Learn more about the benefits of epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring Is A Popular Option To Improve The Appearance Of Their Tiles

Steps for applying epoxy flooring over your tiles

Like any other installation, epoxy flooring requires following a specific procedure to ensure it fit perfectly on your tiling. 

Contractors are well conversant with this method and understand where to begin, what needs to be done on the concrete floor or tiles and how to properly install overlay flooring. Below are the required steps for placing epoxy on your tiles. 

Steps For Applying Epoxy Flooring Over Your Tiles
Best Flooring For Epoxy Flooring On Tiles In Dubai

Clean the floor

One question you would ask yourself before cleaning your tiles is how to keep your floor sparkling clean. Some tiles may need a detergent that is not too harsh and one that will not affect the epoxy flooring application. 

For easier cleaning, it is essential to ensure that you do not allow dust, dirt, and grime to build up on the tiles. These may require more effort during cleaning, and being too harsh on the tiles may scar them. Sweep any available debris on the floor and scrub the tiles gently using a soft brush. 

How To Keep Your Floor Sparkling Clean

Help the epoxy stick on the tiles

Always check the resinous coatings available on the epoxy you intend to use on your tiles. If the epoxy you purchase has a glossy finish, you may experience some challenges during the binding process. If this is the case, ensure first to have a session where you roughen the tile surface by using the sanding method or applying a suitable etching compound. 

Sometimes, the sanding will not help the epoxy stick or bind to your tiles. Ensure you have an extra layer of floor primer to ensure that the epoxy completely sticks to the surface of the tiles and reduces any movement that may cause incomplete installation. 

Epoxy Coating Preparation For Flawless Tile Binding
Best Flooring For Epoxy Flooring On Tiles In Dubai

Smooth the floor

To properly smoothen the surface of your floor, you would need to use some of the best concrete finishing tools. The main reason for smoothening the tiles is to ensure an evenness between the surrounding grout and the tiles. 

Smoothening also prevents the tile lines from showing through the epoxy, diminishing the appealing design of the different types of epoxy flooring on your commercial or residential property. 

Smoothing Your Floor For An Even, Attractive Epoxy Finish
Best Flooring For Epoxy Flooring On Tiles In Dubai

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Benefits of epoxy flooring on tiles

Tiles play the role of enhancing the appearance of your home or any other resident. However, a time comes when they age, they no longer look appealing. Then, you will start looking for options for making tiles look new. An excellent choice for allowing your home to look great again is to consider using epoxy flooring on old tiles. Here are a few benefits of going that route. 

Longevity and ease of maintenance

Unlike tiles that tend to age and crack from time to time, an epoxy coating is a great choice. Epoxy is not much expensive long-lasting. Compared to different tiles, epoxy is thicker, waterproof, and highly chemically resistant. No matter the amount of footfall on the epoxy floor, you can rest assured that they remain intact over the years. 

You won’t slip over

Most tiles have a very smooth surface, which can make it easy to trip and fall. It’s essential to consider epoxy flooring when choosing your kind of residential floor. 

It’s an excellent choice, especially with kids in the home, as it protects them from slipping and falling over as they run around the house. Epoxy flooring comes with an anti-slip component, making it comfortable to walk over barefoot or with shoes with slippery soles. 

Epoxy is very hygienic

One of the major benefits of epoxy floors over tile files is that they are seamless. No more grout lines. The dirt or grease will not stay on the floor since there are no grout lines.

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring On Tiles


While epoxy flooring over tiles is an excellent choice for your commercial and residential space, it is essential to note that the results may only last for a while. You may be required to do renovations after a period that the installer will advise. 

As the grout on your tiles shifts, the grout lines become more evident on the epoxy flooring. For long-lasting results, ensure that you completely tear out the old tile before installing the epoxy flooring. For more practical advice on installing epoxy over your tiles, contact Duraamen today

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the different types of tile on your floor, epoxy tiling can last anywhere between two to three years. For the epoxy flooring to last longer, proper maintenance, including cleaning, and the expertise put in during the installation process are necessary.

Epoxy grout is thought to be the best choice if you want to put epoxy flooring on your indoor tiles. When grout loses its colour, you can see the lines between the tiles, which takes away from the good look of the epoxy flooring.

Proper installation of epoxy flooring on different tiles is essential. Tiles have slippery surfaces, and it’s recommended to use sanding to make the binding process stronger. After successfully installing the epoxy flooring, the drying process may take up to seven days. While it takes a whole week to dry completely, the epoxy is safe to walk on after 12 hours of installation.

Epoxy, even when installed on different tiles, has a rigid characteristic. However, slight shifting on the floors can cause the epoxy to crack.

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