Epoxy Flooring Rate | Is Epoxy Flooring Expensive?

One question homeowners would want to ask themselves besides whether epoxy flooring is ideal for the home is if or not or how much epoxy flooring costs. While this kind of flooring gives the house a dashing, unique look, it’s a decision that needs time to be made by the homeowner. 

When working on a budget, every homeowner should first know what surface area in the home needs epoxy flooring and share that information with the contractor for an appropriate quote to get the best epoxy flooring rates. Is epoxy flooring something you want for your residential or commercial floors? Read on to learn more about the pricing for this kind of flooring. For commercial or residential construction, Epoxy flooring Vs. Tile cost is a constant query for most people. Below is a comprehensive post on each type of flooring.

Are you looking to change your current flooring on a budget? Learn MORE about epoxy flooring and whether it is expensive for your floors. 

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Best Flooring For Epoxy Flooring Rate | Is Epoxy Flooring Expensive? In Dubai

How much does epoxy flooring cost?

When you want to choose your floor and feel like you’d need epoxy flooring, it’s essential to draw up an estimate of the cost or find out from your provider how much it will cost. Before the contractor can do the epoxy on your floor, they will need to confirm if the floor will need an extra buildup. 

If this feels like a road you are willing to take to change the look and feel of your commercial or residential setting, it is essential to understand that several factors will influence the cost. A glimpse of these factors will help you make an ideal decision that will accommodate your budget and metallic epoxy flooring needs. You need to know what makes good flooring. You should also consider if epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for your home or office floors.

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Factors that affect the cost of epoxy flooring

Size of the flooring area

While looking at some factors affecting the selection of flooring material, the size of the flooring area is one major factor. How much surface area do you need for the epoxy flooring? 

The area is a big factor in how much the epoxy flooring will cost altogether. Larger rooms take longer to install because more material is required. As a result, you will incur more than having the epoxy floor in a smaller space. 

Geographical location

When looking to get epoxy flooring in a place different from where the supplier is, you can expect additional charges to cover the travel. 

You may need a specific epoxy coating that is only sold at the supplier’s shop, which may be far from where you are. This means that you will have to pay more to get to your home. 

Colour and style considerations

Different types of epoxy flooring come with different colour and style considerations. Depending on what kind of epoxy flooring you want for your business or home, you may have to pay some money. 

Taking all of these things into account, you’ll see that they may add to the cost of the epoxy type and the work you need to do to build up your floor. Additionally, it is essential to note that the entire epoxy flooring cost will depend on the material used and the whole surface recommended by the contractor for your ideal epoxy design. 

The design finish

With a variety of epoxy designs to choose from, most businesses and homeowners tend to work with something that will complement their residence’s overall look and feel. Every epoxy design comes with its own demands and an overall different cost. 

You can check the Duraamen photo gallery for a few available designs to help with choice and engage the installation specialist on how much it would cost for the specific plan you choose for your flooring. 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Epoxy Flooring

The type of epoxy you will use

As initially mentioned, there are different types of epoxy flooring available, and you can choose one to suit your residential or business flooring needs. The two common types of epoxy to choose from include; 

  • Solid epoxy– These are more traditional and have been used for several years. They have an incredible characteristic of drying quickly after installation and leaving a durable finish on all your floors. In addition, they are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion and have a thick mixture to help cover imperfections.
  • Water-based epoxy– You must be sure that your residence is environment-friendly to allow the installation of water-based epoxy. While these epoxy flooring types are durable, just like solid epoxy, their water-based characteristic makes them wear out fast in environments they do not fit. 
Factors That Affect The Cost Of Epoxy Flooring

While these are two commonly available types, it is essential to note that the installation determines how much you will incur on either of them. 

Ensure to first of all check your kind of floor to see which of these epoxy floors is suitable for your floor. In flooring cases, it is critical to prioritize the durability of the epoxy flooring type over the design. A professional installer helps you put down the epoxy coating design correctly and makes sure it works well with your floor. 

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Having great flooring in your residence or business premise is a great way to enhance the look and feel of the property. Proper flooring makes your home more comfortable to live in and adds a sense of individuality. 

If epoxy flooring is something you are considering, you can rest assured that Duraamen is the expert who can help you with the best choice. Sometimes you need a particular type of epoxy but are restrained by the budget. They can advise on available options that will give you the satisfaction you are looking for. Contact Duraamen today to get an epoxy flooring quotation that will suit your flooring needs at the best rates in the market.

Frequently asked questions

Successful installation of epoxy flooring on damaged concrete depends on the damage’s extent. You can have the repairs done to the damage for a proper and more durable installation on the floor.

Fortunately, epoxy flooring installers will always share some ground rules to enhance the maintenance of your epoxy floors. Flooring these rules makes maintenance pretty easy.

While the cost depends on the area needing the epoxy flooring, material, and time taken to complete the installation, you can expect to pay $3 to $7 per square foot installed.

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