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Interested in polishing your indoor concrete? Are you aware of the vast benefits that come with polished concrete? Read on below to find out why this is important.

In general, many coatings and treatments for floors are suggested for a commercial or industrial setting. The work environment, floor dimensions, cost per square foot, etc., heavily influence the choice. A polished floor creates a beautiful aesthetic and reduces the cost incurred during heavy maintenance.

Re-doing the concrete inside is expensive and time-consuming, which is why a polished piece is needed. Knowing the environment’s needs and what benefits come with them is important before making a decision. If you are interested, below are some of the highlighted, unique benefits of polished concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Benefits

When you polish concrete in areas with a lot of foot traffic, the surface is less likely to chip or flake. Besides this, there are other reasons why polishing indoor concrete floors are beneficial. Below are some other advantages of polishing indoor concrete.

  • High Durability
  • Easy and Low Maintainance
  • Cost Friendly
  • Customization
  • Improved Slip Resistance
  • Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Prolonged Lifespan
  • No Dusting And Efforvesance

Higher Durability

Polishing removes the top part of an old concrete surface, hardening the exposed surface. The hardened part can easily withstand heavy machinery and foot traffic, making it nearly impossible to scratch or chip. Polishing indoor concrete floors increases their impact resistance and abrasion resistance, and when combined with a high-traction sealant, they provide optimal, reliable performance.

Easy and Low Maintenance

Inside concrete floors, like tiles and linoleum, always require aggressive scrubbing to remove any stains, dirt, or general cleaning. However, a polished concrete floor only requires mopping or sweeping to remove the dirt and maintain the gloss. As a result, the cost of hiring a cleaner is reduced and saves a lot of time.

Regularly damping the mop before cleaning helps remove deep smudges, scuffs, and watermarks and restores the elegant glossy look of the concrete floor.

Cost Friendly

One of the best things about polished indoor concrete floors is that they aren’t too expensive to install. A square foot can cost up to AED 40 and as low as AED 11 compared to other flooring variations. The low installation cost makes them a prime selection for customers.

If there already is an existing concrete slab that is ready for polishing or decorative coating application, this reduces the cost significantly. There will not be a need for fresh concrete installation; a polish will only be used to smooth the surface. The amount of money saved during the process is worthwhile.

No replacement is required after installation, saving money in the long run. Polished concrete floors do not require regular maintenance because of their easy-to-clean surfaces, reducing the need to spend extra for proper care. Also, reduced vehicle tire-ware is experienced with polished indoor concrete floors, eliminating the need to replace worn-out tires.


Unlike other concrete floors, clients can customize concrete floors according to their specifications. Adding decorative engraving and stencilled designs can make something look like it was made from expensive materials. A client may prefer a concrete floor that resembles diamonds without involving actual diamonds.

Improved Slip-Resistance

The glossy appearance of polished indoor concrete floors may suggest that they are very slippery. However, there is an increase in friction when the base is mechanically grounded and flattened in comparison to ordinary concrete flooring . A non-slip epoxy coating is utilized to add texture and prevent accidental slipping.

Polished concrete can further be enhanced with a glass bead or sand treatment to reduce the slipping of a person or machinery.

Thermal Shock-Resistance

Usually, delamination, bubbles, cracks, and normal deterioration are common occurrences on flooring. These occurrences are caused by prolonged exposure to hot water or steam. To prevent this, thermal shock-resistant coatings are applied.

The additional coatings enable the polished flooring to last for a more extended period, as compared to non-coated flooring.

Prolonged Life-Span

Because polished indoor concrete floors are so strong, they can last for decades or even a century if they are well taken care of. Other floors, like vinyl tiles and wood laminates, don’t last as long as these floors because they aren’t as stable.

In the long run, money is saved by not having to replace the flooring.

No Dusting and Efflorescence

Unpolished concrete floors are susceptible to damage and normal chemical reactions. Hydrostatic pressure pushes dust particles to the surface, resulting in efflorescence. Consequently, it leads to dusting, eventually making the coatings and toppings delaminate from the surface.

Maintaining the surface can be costly if efflorescence occurs. Polishing indoor concrete floors is a proven way to stop this from happening, which saves money on maintenance and makes the floors last longer. Cement Floor Upkeep is about keeping your cement floor clean and in good condition. It involves regular sweeping, mopping, and sometimes sealing to protect it from damage. Comparing Expenses: Concrete Flooring Versus Other Choices in Dubai shows that concrete flooring is often cheaper and more durable than other flooring options like wood or tile. This means you can save money and have a floor that lasts longer.

Designing a Broom-Swept Concrete Pool Deck is about creating a poolside area with a special type of concrete that has a textured, broom-like finish for better grip when wet. It’s like drawing a plan for a pool party area that won’t be slippery! Polished concrete wall installation steps include cleaning the wall, applying a concrete mix, smoothing it out, and then polishing it to make it shiny and smooth. Install refined concrete surfaces to make floors and walls smooth and strong, perfect for homes and buildings.

Apply Skraffino to gypsum to make the surface smooth and nice-looking. It’s like putting a special cream on the wall to make it pretty! Concrete flooring in Dubai is remarkably sturdy and resilient. This means it can handle a lot of weight and lasts a long time without getting damaged. Stylish concrete floor choices in Dubai offer cool and modern designs for homes and buildings, making them look really fancy and neat.

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Having polished indoor concrete floors is a great way to keep the surface in good shape for a long time. This option is a good choice for anyone who wants to install concrete floors because it looks nice, is easy to clean, and won’t slip. Even though installation may be expensive, it is worth the money because it won’t need any care.

At Duraamen, we offer quality, affordable industrial flooring in the targeted building of your choice. Our products are manufactured from the highest-end particles, providing quality service and lifelong durability. We ensure our products meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients.

Why wait? Give yourself the best industrial flooring overhaul you deserve by contacting us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want an attractive and durable indoor concrete floor, it is necessary to have them installed. They provide a unique aesthetic and increase substantial lifespan.

During installation, polished concrete floors can be costly. Although it will be worth the money if you desire long-lasting concrete that does not easily break with little maintenance.

Installing a concrete floor requires a lot of precision, so it’s best to get help from a professional. Hiring a professional costs money, but in the long run, it proves to be beneficial.

Polished indoor concrete floors can be trusted because the value provided is significantly higher than that of other types of concrete floors. They last longer and require little upkeep, giving your money the best deal.

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