What are the Benefits of Urethane Cement flooring?

Slippery floors can be dangerous as falling on them could cause severe injuries. If you are dealing with slippery floors and are looking for a lasting solution, read on to learn more about the benefits of Urethane Cement Flooring. 

Urethane cement flooring is a flooring system placed on top of concrete. The flooring system helps bind cement, strengthening it and reducing its slippery effect. In addition to offering a solid coating on the floor’s surface, urethane cement flooring creates high-performing flooring systems. 

What makes urethane cement flooring an excellent flooring system?

Any person selling a product will explain why it would be a great reason to purchase it. The same applies to urethane cement flooring. You would want to consider it as something other than your flooring system, wondering what makes it an excellent choice. 

Below are a few facts that make urethane cement flooring an excellent choice of coating on your floors. 

Urethane cement flooring is a mixture of cement and urethane and is durable:

The mixture of polymer urethane and cement makes up urethane cement. Both cement and urethane are considered durable flooring systems. However, when the two are put together, they are more durable. 

With a flooring system that lasts long, you are assured of saving more on the costs you may have otherwise used for floor repairs and maintenance and the need to invest in different flooring systems altogether. 

Urethane Cement Flooring has a coating with high resistance:

What is urethane cement flooring resistant to? You may want to ask this question and wonder why resistance is a vital flooring system element. Just like the best urethane mortar coatings in Dubai, urethane cement flooring offers high moisture, chemicals and thermal shock resistance. 

Floor coatings with little resistance have low durability. They are also unfit for some environments and will only incur more costs for repair and maintenance. This, however, is different from urethane cement flooring. The coatings work exceptionally on various floor types while enhancing durability and ease of traffic from different activities. 

Urethane Cement Flooring is easy to install and can be applied directly to concrete:

Like the best polyurethane sealers in Dubai, installing urethane cement flooring is easy. Unlike most flooring systems that require primer and top coats before installation, you can apply urethane cement flooring directly on your concrete. 

You will not need to tear or remove the original concrete before installation. After the concrete surface preparation, you can install the urethane cement flooring using roller or trowel applications. 

Urethane cement flooring has a smooth surface and is easy to clean:

We all know that any smooth surface makes the cleaning work effortless. It is not rocket science. To understand rough surfaces and cleaning, you would know that a rough surface will require more effort and, of course, more material to make it sparkling clean. 

Fortunately, urethane cement flooring will save you the time and money of buying different cleaning materials. With a clean damp cloth, you can achieve the level of cleanliness you are looking for on urethane cement flooring. 

Combining urethane cement flooring with pigments gives it an appealing look:

There needs to be more than durable flooring. It would be best if you aimed at having one with attractive finishing. That is what you can achieve by installing urethane cement flooring. What makes urethane cement flooring have such an elegant appearance? 

Combining pigmented top coats, primers, and functional additives helps the flooring system achieve this great look. It is an advantage as people want to be associated with an organised and welcoming business. 

How to choose a Urethane Cement Flooring Installer

It is important to note that only some people who call themselves flooring contractors are ideal choices. It would help if you looked out for essential factors to gain the benefits of urethane cement flooring. Here is what you must consider in your choice. 

  • Quality of work

How will you confirm that your preferred urethane cement flooring contractor will conduct a good job? Be bold in requesting a portfolio of previous works completed. This is one way to affirm that you can trust the contractor to do quality and durable installation on your floors. 

  • Communication skills

A good urethane flooring cement contractor must have good communication skills. They should be able to grasp the details you give them before proceeding to install the urethane cement. Also, getting everything you want to clear upfront is essential to get the desired results on your floor.

  • Fair pricing structure

You want to work with someone with moderate prices. You must also set aside a budget before hiring a urethane cement flooring contractor to ensure that whatever area you need to work on is covered. A good flooring contractor should be flexible, giving room for price negotiation and settlement before proceeding to do the job. 


Your surfaces and floors matter; having a perfect flooring system is one way to derive satisfaction and the benefits mentioned earlier. Choosing urethane cement flooring as your flooring system is an excellent way to ensure you cut on costs constantly needed to repair or maintain your floors occasionally. 

If you are in Dubai and are looking for the best urethane cement flooring contractors for your space, Duraamen is your final choice. They are known as one of the best suppliers of quality flooring globally. You can contact them today and request a quote for urethane cement flooring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Urethane cement flooring is colorless and odorless. What this means is that you do not stand the risk of any chemical hazards during installation, making the urethane cement flooring suitable for your concrete floors.

When installing the urethane cement flooring on your floor, apply the polyurethane on the surface. Once this is done, use a soft brush with soft bristles to brush the floor’s surface. Finish by using a clean, soft cloth to wipe all contoured surfaces.

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