Duraamen coatings in Dubai offer a wide range of solutions for protecting and enhancing concrete surfaces, providing durable and long-lasting results for both residential and commercial properties

When introducing different layers of flooring systems that serve their different purpose, then what you would be looking at are resinous flooring systems. These flooring systems allow your surfaces to serve the purpose for which they are intended while adding a touch of elegance, functionality, and durability. Here’s more about resinous floors. 

What are the different types of resinous floor coatings?

Before installing a flooring system on your concrete, it is essential to understand a few things. How strong is your concrete? Does it wear and tear too quickly, harming the resinous floor coatings? Having some of this information beforehand makes the installation process easy, and the result lasts longer than anticipated. Below are different types of resinous floor coatings. 

Mosaix Flooring

How often do your surfaces demand sanitary conditions? Mosaix resinous floor coatings contain quartz aggregates mixed with epoxy flooring or urethane resin. Installing these on your floors and surfaces makes them highly resistant to slipping and chemicals while ensuring little to no cost is spent on maintenance. 

Cementight Flooring

Cementight flooring is a combination of urethane resin and cement aggregate. Together, these two form a seamless, attractive flooring system that is highly resistant to shock and temperature changes. 

Impax Floor

Impax flooring is available in different varieties, which means it’s a resinous coating that works great on different concrete floors. If your surfaces are heavy-duty, often having machinery in use on them, you are sure that the Impax flooring resinous coating will assist with offering high resistance to different chemicals and reduce any costs needed for repairs and maintenance. 

If you struggle with constant wear and tear on your concrete or any other type of floor, consider getting an ideal coating to offer more life and resistance. In this case, you can contact Duraamen, a global supplier of quality flooring systems for all your surfaces, and request a quote for resinous floor coatings. 

Resinous Floor Coatings
Best Flooring For Resinous Floor Coatings In Dubai

Frequently asked questions

Any resinous floor coating will typically last three years, regardless of the traffic. These are coating types designed to offer resistance and enhance longevity.

You do not necessarily need to use soap on the resinous floor coatings. Use a clean mop and a gentle brush, and you will be good to go.

Unlike ordinary proof, resinous floor coatings are thicker, making them more waterproof. They have excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, making them a long-lasting flooring system.

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