Polished concrete garage floors

Are you looking for an exceptional floor type to install in your garage? Polished concrete floors are not only attractive but have several other benefits. Read on to learn more. 

With so much activity in the garage, the types of floors installed play a significant role in how often you will need maintenance and whether the floors will be durable. We can all agree that having concrete garage floors is one way to attract customers into your space. 

But what additional features in polished garage floors contribute to your decision-making about installing them in your garage? Learn more about this fantastic flooring product. 

What are the benefits of polished concrete garage floors?

When you imagine how much activity goes on on a garage floor, you want to have a quality flooring system installed. One great example of such a system is polished concrete garage floors. Below are a few advantages. 

  1. Reduction of normal wear and tear

You will realize that any wear and tear is highly noticeable with an unpolished concrete garage floor. Having a worn-out floor makes the entire garage space unattractive. Polished concrete, on the other hand, does a great job of reducing wear and tear. Little to no maintenance of the floor is needed from time to time. 

  1. Variety of beautiful options to choose from

Most people only know of the grey option for polished concrete floors. The good news is that there are many more color options. During installation, you can have the polished concrete garage floor match the entire garage theme. In addition to these options, you can also use the best sprayable microcement in Dubai to enhance the polished concrete garage floors. 

  1. Improves the garage lighting 

Polished concrete garage floors Installation Process

How do you install a polished concrete floor? Below are the must-follow steps to ensure that the polished concrete garage floor remains intact and serves you for a substantial period. 

Prepare the floor section for installation

Preparation at this point involves surveying the target installation site and confirming that there are no issues with the surface. 

Pour the concrete

Upon affirming that the surface has no issues, proceed to pour the concrete flooring. A contractor, at this point, should have a float that helps to smoothen and keep the concrete at the level. 

Polish the floor

Polished Concrete Floors Garage
Best Flooring For Polished Concrete Garage Floors In Dubai

Polishing is essential to ensure that the surface beneath the polished concrete is not damaged. Damage may reduce the durability of the polished concrete garage floor. Just like the exterior decorative concrete in Dubai, polishing the floor makes your outdoor space look elegant. 

Apply necessary sealers on the now polished concrete garage floor

Sealers are essential to protect the floor from damage. Damage can be caused by harsh chemicals, water, and even temperature changes. 

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Dry the concrete

Leave the polished concrete for about 30 minutes for settling and proper drying. 

When a polished concrete garage floor is installed correctly, you can be confident that it will not just enhance the elegance and durability of your garage floors. You can also use the best urethane concrete in Dubai to offer long life to your floor’s top coat. You also save on costs that would otherwise be needed for constant repairs and maintenance. 
For the best high-performing polished concrete garage floors, you can reach out to Duraamen today. They are a global supplier of quality flooring systems. Please request a quote from Duraamen today.

Polished Concrete Garage Floors Installation
Best Flooring For Polished Concrete Garage Floors In Dubai

Cost varies from the type, color, and size of the surface needing to be installed. However, you can expect to pay between AED 30 and 200 per square meter.

Before installation of the polished concrete garage floor, it would be essential to get the timing right. Besides being psychologically prepared, it is essential to know that installation may take anywhere between 3 and 6 days.

The one outstanding characteristic of a polished concrete garage floor is its strength. The floor is resilient and can withstand increased foot traffic and machinery pressure.

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