Cheapest Industrial Flooring

Looking to upgrade your industrial flooring? Are you aware of the cheapest industrial flooring available on the market? Read on to find out more.  

Opting for the cheapest industrial flooring for industrial spaces takes time and effort. Some types include costly industrial flooring, while others have a lower cost. Selecting one for your industry from the available options will guarantee fantastic results.

At times, industrial floor selection relies upon personal preference. Although, choosing cheaper flooring will lead to a higher selection chance. Thus, awareness of affordable industrial flooring types is paramount. Discussed below are some of the inexpensive industrial flooring.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is more rigid and more durable than other flooring variations. Typical uses include warehouses, heavy-duty industries, chemical companies, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. They have a thermosetting resin applied as a protective to a concrete substrate.

It protects the surface from harmful chemicals and other contaminants. Epoxy flooring requires little maintenance, making them an ideal long-term option. They can also withstand harsh working conditions and heavy workloads from manufacturing processes.

Because of those properties, epoxy flooring pricing is on the low end. But, the epoxy flooring price depends on the size, design, and layout. The cost is between AED 14 to AED 30. But epoxy flooring is one of many types that are affordable.

Polished Concrete Flooring

The concrete slab-on-grade application is the finished floor surface for polished concrete flooring. A chemical densifier treats the concrete substrate, which increases its toughness. They are then polished with diamond grit grinders and treated with a sealant.

Polished concrete floorings are resistant to heavy-duty types of machinery like forklifts. Oils or chemical spills also cannot affect this type of concrete flooring. Polished concrete floorings have low maintenance, making them among the cheapest industrial floorings.

Because of their low-maintenance properties, they generally have a low price. The price ranges from AED 11 to AED 22. Despite the meager cost, other industrial flooring varieties are available to choose from.

Urethane Flooring

High-traffic movement from humans and machines can prove troublesome to regular industrial flooring. Urethane concrete flooring makes these concrete floors resistant to such traffic. Uses for such cheap industrial floorings are in gyms, shopping malls, etc.

Urethane flooring prevents bacteria and dirt accumulation. It acts as an antiseptic cover for concrete floors. This characteristic promotes a healthy and clean environment. Urethane flooring also displays excellent UV, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

The pricing for Urethane flooring ranges from AED 11 to AED 25. These prices prove to be affordable and cost-effective. Most cheap industrial flooring prices are usually priced at that point. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring’s introduction has only been recent in the industry. Its production is on a worldwide scale. They are easy to take care of, making them a great choice for people on tight budgets. Its ability to keep people from slipping makes it perfect for malls and other places, preventing injuries or accidents from occuring. .

Cleaning vinyl flooring is no different from other types. By mopping and does not need any extra human resources to clean. If damaged, replacing vinyl flooring is easy since installation is effortless. The price ranges between AED 11 to AED 25 if you plan to use it in a 5,000-square-foot area.

Industrial Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are present in all constructions around the world. They are abundant in multi-story car parks, road construction, and pedestrian walk paths. Their sheer strength and prolonged durability can withstand constant pressure. Ideally, these types of cheap industrial flooring provide comfort and a sense of security due to their high durability.

Cheap industrial concrete flooring can be a built-in suspended format or on top of a slab. By building broken concrete flooring on top of a metal deck, helps support the framework. The price for constructing industrial concrete flooring is from AED 11 to AED 24. Once again, the pricing is not far off from the other variations.

Commercial Concrete

They use line residential and commercial properties like warehouses and typical restaurants. Despite these limitations, commercial concretes are customizable, offering users options. These types of cheap industrial flooring are also ideal for general use like commercial buildings such as houses. 

The customizations may include acid staining and decals, among other design elements. Customers are given a wide range of choice and freedom to select a preference that mathces their building. The cost ranges from AED 12 to AED 25 for a typical 5000 square feet.

Select Your Industrial Flooring

Cheap industrial flooring is usually not the go-to option for obvious reasons. Although, these floorings offer fantastic benefits, such as easy installation and customization capabilities. The low prices favour individuals looking to upgrade their concrete floorings.

At Duraamen, we offer affordable industrial flooring in the targeted building of choice. The manufacture of our products provides quality service and lifelong durability. We ensure our products meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients.

Why wait? Give yourself the best industrial flooring overhaul you deserve by contacting us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

To install industrial flooring, a professional must be present to ensure proper installation and that no faults are present. Attempting to install without professional help can be detremental since the floor might not be up to professional standards. A hazard is possible.

The use of industrial flooring can be vast and includes commercial buildings. However, industrial flooring will serve best when used for industrial purposes. Although using industrial flooring in commercial buildings can be beneficial. The reason behind this is that there will be increased durability of the floor, hence not requiring any necessary upkeep.

Since industrial floorings generally have a long lifespan, maintenance is low. Changing them is not necessary since they are not susceptible to any harm. But if it happens that the industrial floor are damaged, replacing them might not be as costly as one would expect. Professional help is required to ensure proper installation.