Concrete Primers

Concrete is needed to give your flooring system the smooth surface you desire. However, with the help of concrete primers that absorb into the concrete itself, you can expect a well-finished smooth surface on whatever floor you have installed. Concrete primers will dry out in a few hours. However, to have excellent results, it’s recommended to wait at least 8 hours before using any paint. 

What is the purpose of Concrete Primers before Painting Concrete?

What Is The Purpose Of Concrete Primers Before Painting Concrete?
Best Flooring For Concrete Primers In Dubai

To fill small gaps or voids in concrete

If left unattended, some small voids and gaps will escalate with time, causing further damage that will need more maintenance and repair costs. Concrete primers help to seal this before the damage is too much. 

Bonds the concrete and the paint together

When the concrete and paint fail to bond well together, you will notice some chipping, especially from the paint, before it fully settles. The concrete primers work as a sealant that causes the paint and the concrete to bind fully, making the floor more robust and intact. 

It soaks into the cement

Cement alone is not strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures, traffic, weather, and even water. The use of concrete primers is to give the concrete more strength to withstand the mentioned elements and to enhance the longevity of the concrete on all your floors. 

Prolongs the life of the paint

Concrete primers give more life to the paint you have used for your floors and walls. Some paint qualities begin to chip and shed off immediately after contact with different stains. Concrete primers add to the value of the paint and keep it more potent for longer. 

More than concrete is needed to help your floors withstand the tests of time. They are a great sealant and do a great job giving more life to your floors, walls, and even the paint you have used on these different surfaces. Are you looking for quality concrete primers in Dubai? Duraamen, a trusted supplier of a global supplier of quality flooring types, can help with this. Reach out to them today and request a quote for concrete primers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete alone is not strong to withstand the test of time, including weather and temperature changes, stains, and even traffic. Concrete primers make the concrete more robust, enabling it last longer.

The purpose of concrete primer is to seal the gaps on your floors. These include holes and cracks that reduce the durability of your flooring types.

Once installed, the concrete primer will dry in two hours. However, have activity on it after waiting at least 8 hours and ensure to avoid 30 days before you can paint on it.

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