How To Install Beautiful Polished Concrete Walls?


Polished concrete is not just for floors anymore. As an on-trend material, polished concrete walls bring texture, depth, and modern aesthetics to any space, from living rooms to showers. This blog post breaks down the process for creating a polished concrete wall using Duraamen’s Skraffino concrete microtopping, as demonstrated in their comprehensive video guide.

Advantages of Polished Concrete Walls

  • Versatility: Suitable for various settings including residential, commercial, and outdoor areas.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a sleek, contemporary look that can be customized with different colors and textures.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Easy to maintain and durable against wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  1. Preparation of the Surface: Start with a sound drywall or waterproof board if moisture exposure is expected. Ensure all seams and screws are covered using fiberglass reinforcement tape and a feather finish material.
  2. Primer Application: Apply two coats of CP1000 primer, allowing about 30 minutes of drying time between coats, and let it dry overnight for best results.
  3. Applying the Microtopping: Use a hopper for quick application of Skraffino, ensuring even coverage. Follow up by hand with a trowel to correct any light areas.
  4. Adding Color and Texture: Hand-broadcast powdered Colorfast pigment while the microtopping is still wet, then trowel it in a non-directional pattern to create a rich, layered effect.
  5. Sealing the Surface: Protect the finish by applying a water-based acrylic sealer like Perdure AO3. Apply the first coat, allow it to dry for a few hours, then apply a second coat for added durability.

Customization Options

  • Color Choices: Combine different pigments and dyes, such as the rosy-brown Deso dye used in the demonstration, to achieve a unique look.
  • Texture Techniques: Add texture during the troweling process to enhance the visual depth of the wall.


  1. Can polished concrete be applied to any type of wall surface?

  • Polished concrete can be applied over most sound wall surfaces, including drywall and waterproof boards. Preparing the surface properly is crucial.
  1. How long does it take to install a polished concrete wall?

  • The installation can vary but generally includes at least a day for preparation and priming, followed by the application and drying times for the microtopping and sealant.
  1. Is there a difference in care between polished concrete walls and floors?

  • Care routines are similar, involving regular cleaning and occasional resealing to maintain the finish and durability.
  1. What should be done if the concrete wall is in a moisture-prone area like a bathroom?

  • Use waterproof backer boards and ensure the concrete mixture and sealants are suitable for high-moisture environments to prevent water damage.

By following these steps and techniques, you can transform an ordinary wall into a stunning feature of polished concrete, adding a modern touch to any interior or exterior space.

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