How To Install Polished Concrete Over Gypsum Using Skraffino?


Installing polished concrete over a gypsum subfloor is an innovative flooring solution that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. This installation method is particularly beneficial in multi-level buildings such as apartments and condominiums where sound absorption is crucial. The following guide, inspired by Duraamen’s expert Bob Harris, walks you through the steps of applying Skraffino polished concrete over gypsum.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Over Gypsum

  • Sound Absorption: Ideal for apartments and condominiums, helping to reduce noise transfer.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: Offers a range of finishes from textured to super smooth, with customizable color options.
  • Durability: Creates a hard-wearing surface that is suitable for high-traffic areas.

Installation Steps

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the gypsum has a minimum PSI of 3500. Sand the floor to prepare for the primer.
  2. Priming: Apply two coats of Duraamen CP1000 primer, allowing for appropriate drying time between coats.
  3. Applying Skraffino Body Coat: Start with Skraffino Regular as a body coat. For a finer finish, sand this layer before applying Skraffino Fine.
  4. Sanding and Re-priming: If necessary, re-sand and re-prime the surface to prepare for additional Skraffino layers.
  5. Final Coats: Apply Skraffino Fine or Super Fine for the desired texture. Color pigments can be mixed into the Skraffino or broadcast by hand for customized hues.
  6. Sealing: Finish with a coat of Perdure AO3 followed by Perdure E32 epoxy, and seal with Perdure U46 polyurethane for a glossy, protective finish.

Customization Techniques

  • Marbleized Effects: Achieve a marble look by broadcasting contrasting colors into the wet Skraffino mix and blending with troweling techniques.
  • Color Layering: Add depth by applying multiple layers of colored Deso dye, enhancing the visual texture of the floor.


  1. What is the recommended PSI for gypsum subfloors before applying polished concrete?

  • The gypsum subfloor should have a minimum PSI of 3500 to ensure it can support the weight and bond of the polished concrete.
  1. Can Skraffino be colored during the application?

  • Yes, Skraffino can be mixed with color pigments or hand-broadcast with color powders during application to achieve the desired shade and effect.
  1. What are the advantages of using a multi-layer Skraffino system?

  • Applying multiple layers of Skraffino allows for a more refined finish, improved texture, and enhanced durability.
  1. How do you ensure a smooth finish with no roller lines when applying sealers?
  • Using the correct technique, such as those demonstrated by Bob Harris, and potentially having a helper can ensure a smooth, line-free application of sealers.

By following these detailed steps and utilizing Skraffino for your polished concrete installation over gypsum, you can achieve a beautiful, durable floor with custom aesthetic attributes. This method provides a sound-absorbing, versatile flooring solution perfect for modern living spaces.

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